The ROSS Grant Service Coordinator at Harbour House/Eastport Terrace provides services to residents in 5 primary areas:

  1. Employment Area: Provide career guidance service and refer to job readiness programs, training for desired career and follow-up with participant
  2. Education Area: Provide services through ABS/GED referral, Maryland External Diploma Program and Anne Arundel County Literacy Program Tutorial on site as well as distribution/assistance with college scholarship information; also provide referral service to 3-5 year old childhood education programs and on site digital learning programs
  3. Financial Area: Provide referrals to homeownership programs, budget/credit assistance, resources for monetary assistance with eviction/turn-off notices
  4. Health Area: Provide referrals to appropriate agency for disability assessment and services, substance abuse treatment and mental health services, referral for health insurance services, encouragement of annual medical examination by health care provider; also provide programs aimed at greater health knowledge and awareness
  5. Housing Area: Provide participant encouragement to retain housing through referral assistance with eviction notice issues, referral to Housing Choice Voucher Program for potential Section 8 housing possibilities

The ROSS Program Service Coordinator is responsible to coordinate/refer to Services and Programs designed to increase the Self-Sufficiency of participants. The Grant and its Services are offered in the Harbour House/Eastport Terrace Community at the Eastport Community Center, 1014 President Street, Annapolis, Maryland 21403; recruitment and participation in Programs is extended to all Housing Authority residents as well as the greater Annapolis Community.