The Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis shall establish a utility allowance for all check-metered utilities and for all tenant-paid utilities. The allowance will be based on a reasonable consumption of utilities by an energy-conservative household of modest circumstances consistent with the requirements of a safe, sanitary, and healthful environment. In setting the allowance, The Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis will review the actual consumption of tenant families as well as changes made or anticipated due to modernization (weatherization efforts, installation of energy-efficient appliances, etc). Allowances will be evaluated at least annually as well as any time utility rate changes by 10% or more since the last revision to the allowances.

The utility allowance will be subtracted from the family's formula rent to determine the amount of the Tenant Rent. The Tenant Rent is the amount the family owes each month to The Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis. The amount of the utility allowance is then still available to the family to pay the cost of their utilities. Any utility cost above the allowance is the responsibility of the tenant. Any savings resulting from utility costs below the amount of the allowance belongs to the tenant.

For The Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis paid utilities, The Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis will monitor the utility consumption of each household. Any consumption in excess of the allowance established by The Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis will be billed to the tenant monthly.

Utility allowance revisions based on rate changes shall be effective retroactively to the first day of the month following the month in which the last rate change took place. Revisions based on changes in consumption or other reasons shall become effective at each family's next annual reexamination.

Requests for relief from surcharges for excess consumption of The Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis purchased utilities or from payment of utility supplier billings in excess of the utility allowance for tenant-paid utility costs may be granted by The Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis on reasonable grounds. Requests shall be granted to families that include an elderly member or a member with disabilities. Requests by the family shall be submitted under the Reasonable Accommodation Policy. Families shall be advised of their right to individual relief at admission to public housing and at time of utility allowance changes.

Excessive Utility Payments

Residents in units where the HACA pays the utilities will be charged for excess utilities if additional appliances or equipment are used in the unit. The charge shall be applied as specified in the lease.

Prior to any utility baseline imposed by the Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis, it will specifically take into account the overall condition of the dwelling unit and the ability of the resident to regulate the utility being consumed, in addition to being individually metered.

Consumption in excess of the established surcharges will be billed monthly to the tenant and is payable upon receipt of each billing cycle.

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