The Clay Street redevelopment includes the revitalization of two public housing communities, Obery Court and College Creek Terrace (164 units) located in the City of Annapolis, Maryland. The revitalization will be completed in three rental phases for a total of 174 units (10 additional affordable housing units post project completion). Phase I consist of 50 units (40 public housing units--U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-funded) and 10 tax credit units, funded by the Maryland Housing and Community Development Agency (MHCD.)) Redevelopment is complete and 100% occupied. Phase II is also complete for a total of 63 units (50 HUD Project Based Vouchers funded and 13 tax credit units—MHCD funded.)

Phase III is projected to consist of 61 units (50 public housing and 11 Project Based Vouchers units—HUD funded.) Planning for Phase III re-development is anticipated to commence in April 2013. The completed project will include the demolition and reconstruction of Obery Court and College Creek Terrace; a passive park with a tot lot adjacent to college creek waterway; a new community center that contains the management office; head start classrooms and resident services. The redevelopment partner is Pennrose Properties, LLC.


As part of the Clay Street Revitalization, ten (10) townhouses were constructed in partnership with the Chesapeake Habitat for Humanity organization. This project included prospective home owners' “sweat equity” in building each home to include numerous community volunteers. HACA provided a silent second mortgage to ensure affordability. The homes were purchased by low income families (former public housing residents).


HACA in partnership with the Landex Corporation completed a 150 rehabilitation project (50 townhomes and 100 duplex homes.) There are 75 public housing units funded by HUD and 75 tax credit units funded by MHCD. The rehabilitation of this community includes renovation and enlargement of the community center, creation of a new onsite management office. This project is complete with 100% occupancy. HACA funded the renovation of the Head Start Program center.


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